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1.    Thomé H. Fang and the Spirit of Chinese Philosophy, Lewis E. Hahn [Chinese Version]

2.     The Spirit of Chinese Philosophy, Thomé H. Fang (Tr. Suncrates & Sandra A. Wawrytko) [Chinese Version]

3.     In Memory of Master Thomé H. Fang,  Ludwig C. H. Chen [Chinese Version]*

4.     Whitehead and The Book of Changes, Shih-chuan Cheng [new]

5.      Professor Thomé H. Fang and His Ideals of Education, Huan Lee  [Chinese Version]

6.      A North American Looks at Professor Thomé  Fang's Philosophy of Immanent Organic Harmony, Dale M. Riepe

7.      The Cosmological-Axiological Philosophy of Thomé Fang, Dale M. Riepe

8.      Yin-Yang Dialectical Monism: A New Attempt to Explore the Symbiotic Relationship of Man and Nature through Reformulation of the Confucian-Taoist Metaphysical Systems, Tsung-I Dow

9.     Filial Piety and Chinese Culture, Joseph S. Wu [Chinese version]

10.  Hua Yan Buddhism and the Neo-Theological Movement, Shih-chuan Chen

11.   A Summit Meeting in Metaphysics, Religion, and Philosophical Anthropology: The Western-Indian-Chinese Encounter on Creativity (I-III),  Suncrates

12.   Recollection in Tranquility Suncrates (Chinese)

13.  How to Make Us Less Stupid?  -- In light of Globalization, Postmodernism, and Vitamin-W  Suncrates

14.   Thomé H. Fang and Whitehead: the Twin Pillars of Process Thought East and West    Suncrates & James W. Kidd

15.  Thomé H. Fang and A. N. Whitehead: the Twin Stars as Pre-Existent Postmodernists of the Process Perspective  Suncrates & James W. Kidd

16.   Remembering Master Fang on the 30th Anniversary of His Passing 述小事.懷大哲) Suncrates

17.  Stephen C. Pepper on Quality -- The Open Sesame芝麻開門 Suncrates

18.  Ideals of Life and Patterns of Culture: An Outline, Thomé H. Fang

     (生命理想與文化類型: 綱要, 孫格拉底譯)

19.  Grand Opening: Institute for Thomé H. Fang Studies, AU, Anhui, China! 


20.  The Philosophy of Comprehensive Harmony as a Spiritual Renaissance -- Tenor of the Panel Disscusion on Thomé H. Fang , Shi Baoguo,  (Chinese Version)

21.  The Value of Thomé H. Fang's Philosophy (方东美哲学的价值) Qian Gengsen (in English)

22.  A Masterwork on Thomé H. Fang Studies, Zhang Zehong (in English)

23.  Chinese Ways of Living, Sunnie D. Kidd & Suncrates

24.  Chinese Philosophy as World Philosophy: 

      Creativism – A Ninefold Characterization


 Suncrates & James D. Kidd  [Chinese Version]

25.  Stephen C. Pepper and Chinese Philosophy of Art,  Suncrates,

26.  Chinese Way of Thinking and  Expression and Its Philosophical Imports,   Suncrates

27.  A Brief Chronology of the Life of Thomé H. Fang,    Suncrates

28.  Thomé H. Fang Bibliography: A Classified List,  Suncrates

29.  Prologue: The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell(《羅素自傳》:楔子),  tr. Suncrates

30.  A Synopsis: The 110th Anniversary Symposium Remembering Master Fang, Shi Baoguo (施保国)

31.  Applying Creative Hermeneutics to Chinese Philosophy in American Academia: The Path to Globalization,  Sandra A. Wawrytko (Chinese Version)

32.  Thomé H. Fang: A Family Tree,  Suncrates

33.  Master Fang: His Rare Works and His Rarer Personality(東美大哲:書奇人更奇),  Suncrates

34.  Most Welcome NewsComplete Works of Master Zhu Guangqian(學術佳音:朱光潛大師全集302011出版),  Wan Xiaoping

35.  Thomé H. Fang, the Man and His Career,  Suncrates & Sandra A. Wawrytko

36.  Cassirer on Art and Art-Theories (卡西勒論藝術及藝術論), Suncrates

37.  Zhu Guangqian A Short Life (欣慨交心:朱光潜小传)Wan Xiaoping

38.  Master Fang and Master Chen Encountering with Whitehead, Yih-hsien Yu

39.  Lu Xiangshang & Wang Yangming Thome H. Fang, Tr. Suncrates (Chinese)

40.  Great Painter Zhang Daqian and His Platonic Love (国画大师张大千的柏拉图式之爱

41.   Zhang Daqian Memorial House (张大千作品及纪念馆)

42.   Sage Calligrapher Wang Xizhi: Orchid Pavilion (书圣王羲之亭)

43.   Higher Education, Tr. Ku Hung-ming (辜鴻銘英譯《大學》)

44.  A bonus of 30 years of life, Dr. Feng Lee

45.  Camille and Rodin: A Tragic Romance of the Century, Watcher on Starry Space

46.  Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Yang Zhaotan  

47.  A Glimpse of the Yuanming Garden, Giuseppe Castiglione

48.  Wonder View (奇觀), One Woyld Regret for Missing It.  Yangg Zhaotan

49.  World Heritage in China, Yang Zhaotan

50.  French Legacy, UNESCO

51.  China Scenery: the Mountain Spirit and Water Soul, Yang Zhaotan

52.  America in All Itts Autumn Glory, Yang Zhaotan

53.  The Best of Holland, Yang Zhaotan

54.  A Harmonious World: Gariffe Manor in Kenya, Yang Zhaotan  ((pictures)

55.   hobby

56.  "Love is wise; hatred is foolish." -- Bertrrand Russell

57.  Paint with Camera: 50 Best Photo Pictures, Yang Zhaotan

58.  The World of Colors (色彩世界), Yang ZhaotanThe World of Colors, Yang Zhaotan

59.   Self-Obituary: His Reverancy Master Xu Yun

60.  Rare Flowers, Yang Zhaotan

61.  Wisdom of Attitude, Yang Zhaotan

62.  A Thing of beautty: A Joy Forever, Yang Zhaotan

63.  The Centential Anniversary of Vivien Leigh, Yang Zhaotan

64.  The Bodhi-Blossoms Blooming: An Auspicious Sign for All, Yang Zhaotan

65.  Thou Shalt Not Get Angry! Yang Zhaotan

66.  Aesthetics and Education, Lewis E. Hahn (Chinese)

67.  Su Dong Po: 苏东坡(影视), Yang zhaotan

68.  Review:“Purusha the Four-Leggedby Zhu WenxinSuncrates

69.  Purusha the Four-Leggede and the Mysteriously Mysterious, Zhu Wenxin





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